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TheChampTF aOWNER posted Sep 29, 17

Over the last few weeks, maybe even months, we have noticed a lack of activety on the server due to all kinds of reasons.

Summer in Utopia

Seethu HERO posted Jul 30, 17

Event title picture

Summer in Utopia

Well hello there! I would like to welcome you to the special day of fun in the sun with your fellow Utopians!

Mini Q&A

Seethu, isn't this a little out of the blue?

> Err....uh...yes...I guess it is... But! This is still an event to have lots of fun in! :D

Seethu, why are we asking you questions, like the last 2 times?

> Yes.

Why is the formatting so weird?

> Seethu never learned to format.

Why are there no pictures of the islands in this post? I wanna see your shaders taking bootiful pictures! >.<

> We want you to visit it and see for yourself! I promise it looks like a tropical island!

Event Activities

I had a feeling you were going to ask about this, so here are some things we have planned for you : 

  • A Pool
  • Bumper Boats
  • Boat Race
  • A special hunt for some special treasure
  • Karoke (via Discord)
  • Fishing (wink wink There might be some new fishing tactics coming soon to Utopia! wink wink)

And more! Not to mention lots of fun!

If you have trouble finding anything, don't go looking around the entire island, just take a sneak peek at the map! I hear it leads to something very special! ;)

Date & Time & Instructions

If things go right, we will be holding the event on the 12th of August, for the ENTIRE DAY!
Please, feel free to sport your summer skin for the event, it will definetly make things fun, unless you are me and can't change skins :'(

The boat race and the karoke have a specific time that they will be run by staff : They will take place at 1PM, 3PM, 5PM and 7PM (EST) respectively.

The karoke is set to happen in the Discord

/warp st2017 is where you need to go. Hope to see you there!

Summer Skin Contest

dragonblaze23 HERO posted Jun 5, 17

Hey Utopians! Summer's here and so are our Summer themed contests!
Make sure to head on over to the forums here and join in on the fun. We're looking forward to your participant in this event, and we'll see who can bring on the heat in the competition!

Goodluck Utopians,
Event Team

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Hello Everyone! :d
i miss this server so much :/
Hey, the wolves in the arenas cannot be damaged and is very annoying, making it ultimately impossible to get to high waves. Please fix this soon, because I really like the arenas, but this is totally unfair! PLEASE fix soon! Thanks :)
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