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Utopia  -  24/7 Online and Great Community
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game Minecraft - PC
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Utopia is a server that will give you an amazing experience in Minecraft - that you will never forget.

We provide a range of cool features for our players to encourage players to choose us.

We are a survival server, but we are also so much more.

Server Information:



Server Features:
- Online 24/7
- Survival
- Plotsystem and Freebuild
- In-game market system
- Mob arenas
- Tutorial area
- Different build areas
- In-game build protection
- Kind staff
- Active forums

- SkyBlock
- PVP arenas
- Mazes
- Parkour


Most importantly of all: We a have great mature community that are fun to be around.

We care for our players a lot and work very hard to ensure they have fun on our server.

We don't see the server as complete, but something that we can improve together with the community.

We listen to the community and implement good ideas.

We also aim to host a lot of amazing in-game events for our players and we make sure that they are fun for everyone.

The themes could be something like: Pirate event, Castle takeovers and general Role-playing.

Minecraft is not simply Minecraft any more, it is like Utopia (the ideal community)

Are you feeling in the mood for an amazing experience?

Then see you inside the game, and thanks for choosing us.
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24/7 Online and Great Community