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Online Utopia Server Status | IP: mc.utopia.us or MAC: play.utopia.us
In-Game Online Players Listed Below:
3 / 40
Monthly Record: 20 players (Oct 16, 16)

1.10 official update

LightningCard aMANAGEROPYouTubeNews posted Sep 4, 16

Hello Utopians!

We decided to give you a short update related to the 1.10 update for utopia. Alot is coming in this new update and we want to make sure that the server is stable and everything works. Unfortunatly at the moment, TheChampTF is on a trip and won't be back untill October. After that he comes back, all force will be set on getting you guys that update. As said above, alot is coming, but we can't tell you anything. That would ruin the surprise and what fun is that ;) Anyway thank you for being patient and we will be sure that this update will change utopia (hopefully) for the better!

Seethu STAFFHERO Oh my, Light, spelling "a lot" wrong twice xD Jk jk, we all still love you <3

It's the first of the month~

LightningCard aMANAGEROPYouTubeNews posted Aug 1, 16

Hello Utopians! It's the first of the month and that means another update for you!

- Top Voters
- The teams
- Social media
- Donations
- 1.10 news
- Event suggestions

Monthly Top Voters! 
-Player recognition at spawn in game (Player Name, Votes, and Place won ).
1st Place: 15 Website Points, 1st Place Award Badge (Website), Username Color & Glow (Website)
2nd Place: 10 Website Points, 2nd Place Award Badge (Website), Username Color & Glow (Website)
3rd Place: 5 Website Points, 3rd Place Award Badge (Website), Username Color & Glow (Website)
1st Place: DarkLord34 with 293 votes!
2nd Place: Sweary_Tod with 266 votes!
3rd Place: Angelyna19 with 167 votes!
Congratulations to all the top voters and thank you for everyone who supports us by voting. When you vote you receive diamonds and in-game money.


Event team
Looking for a way to make Utopia a better place? Feeling like you're creative? Head here and apply to become a member of the Event team and help make Utopia's future more EVENT-ful!

Marketing team
Looking for a challenge? Feeling creative? Head here and apply to become a member of the Marketing team and help shape Utopia's fresh and fun future!

Staff team
Looking for a spot in Utopia's staff team? Head here and apply to become a member of the staff team and help keep Utopia the friendly and safe server we all know it for. We are currently looking for staff in all of the time zones!

Youtube team
Feel like showing off your YouTube talents on a fun, challenging and friendly server? Come and join the YT team and you'll get the chance to create great videos, work with other talented people and help make Utopia an even greater place to make your Minecraft home. Head over here and apply today!

Story team
Good with drawing and feel like making comics for Utopia? Want to show your drawing skills and make people interested in Utopia's news? Sign up for the story team! Click here and apply!

GFX team
Good with photoshop? Feel like making posters for Utopia and design our merchandise? Click here and apply!

Social media

Want to get updates about Utopia? Follow our social media pages!

Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Youtube


We would like to thank all of donators.
MarieTCB, thank you for donating for our Paladin rank!
TheDogGus, thank you for donating for our VIP rank!

1.10 update

We are very close to be able to push 1.10 out, when is unknown at the moment, but we are trying to get it to you as soon as we can :)

Event suggestions

Our event team would like to know what kind of events you guys want to see! Please leave a comment on this post if you have any suggestions!

We are back!

LightningCard aMANAGEROPYouTubeNews posted Jul 2, 16

Hello Utopians! Have you missed us? Yes the news team is back with an update!

This posts topics:
- Top Monthly Voters
- Teams
- Social media
- 1.10 information
- Donations
- Event suggestions
- Staff update

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hi :d
Hey everyone. If you are new to the server, then welcome to Utopia. Also don't forget to message me should you need help, I will never refuse to help you! Have a good day.
Welcome back, The_Doot! :) You too iHeppy-tar :'D
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