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VIP 5$

Donor Forums Access on Website
Donor Chat Channel In Game (/vip)
Hat command (/hat)
Pet along your side (/pet select) chicken

Utopian 10$

All of VIP Benefits

Disguise pig or sheep, Blue Sheep
(/d sheep & /d pig) Both as baby
Magical Trails (/trails) heart& green
Pet along your side (/pet select) Pig

Hero 20$

All of Utopian Benefits

Disguise as Wolf (subtypes: tamed, baby)
Green Sheep, and Saddled Pig
Magical Trails (/trails) pop, slime, enchant, splash
Pet (/pet select) Sheep

Guardian 35$

All of Hero Benefits

Disguise as Guardian and Rabbit
Magical Trails (/trails) flame & sea
Pet along your side (/pet select) cow

Sentinel 50$

All of Guardian Benefits

Disguise as Iron Golem and Snowman
Ability to set 3 home warps
Magical Trails red, spell, smoke, wmagic
Pet (/pet select) Iron Golem & Snowman
Get your own custom join/leave message, mail TheChampTF with what you want.

Paladin 75$

All of Sentinel Benefits

Disguise as Bat and Witch
Ability to use "/stack" command
Magical Trails: fun, magic, crit, snow, spark
Pet (/pet select) bat & mushroomcow

Elite 100$

All of Paladin Benefits

All Paladin Benefits and Below
Disguise as Skeleton, Creeper, and Zombie
Disguise as any Color Sheep
Ability to use the "Chest Shop" Plugin
Magical Trails (/trails) All
Pet (/pet select) All non-hostile